G M Khaja
brings you the best in handmade products as Shawls, Carpets and Papier-Mâché. We are authorized dealers in the world.

Whether you are looking to buy carpets, rugs, Papier-Mâché or Shawls, contact us for the best deal and your dream products.


  We are the direct manufacturers, wholesalers and exporter of Kashmir handmade artistic Papier-mâché articles, handmade/hand knotted woolen and silken carpets and various shawls.
Our wide range of selection for every mentioned craft have the world swooning, as our products are applauded and acclaimed in leading trade and gift shows taking place around the different corners of the world. we give utmost importance to quality. G.M Khaja & Co is committed to a life time partnership of trust, honesty and good faith with one and all.

    We would be glad to answer any queries about our company and our products.

Ó2002 Kashmir Dowry

Presents the wide range of Pashmina (cashmere) Shawls

For best artistic & Christmas ornaments

brings you the best in handmade crewl

Fabulous  chain stitch goods

For exclusive hand knotted carpets